Policy Report
The Rise of the Underdog? Economy of the Western Balkans

This innovative publication is the unique and timely contribution to the debate on socio-economic matters in the Western Balkans and the economic future of the region.

Policy Brief
Aesop's Fables: 100,000 New Jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Election Promises Never Meant to be Done

Chronic unemployment is one thing all Western Balkan countries share in common. According to all relevant parameters, Bosnia and Herzegovina leads the pack. Despite being recognized as one of the most persistent issues undermining progress and development, solution to chronic unemployment is nowhere in sight.

Report and Infographics
To Serve and Protect: A Story about Security Sector in B&H

The report offers a somewhat different perspective on where BiH stands almost 20 years since the reforms in security sector started, having thousands of international experts taking part in it and millions of Euros being invested. 

Policy Paper
The Western Balkan Worldview?

This policy paper is looking at the top issues on the global media’s agenda in 2014, a pattern telling of how global interdependence to a large extent seems to still bypass the Western Balkans.  

Policy Report
Common Foreign Policy for the Western Balkans?

This paper is an attempt to draw attention to practical ideas while putting aside ideological limitations in the Western Balkans for the purpose of improving security and prosperity of the entire region. It proposes a useful and powerful tool forward that both Western Balkan leaders and the EU can use. 

Policy Brief

Prepared within the TRAIN 2014 project implemented by DGAP, this policy brief examines the triangular relationships among the civil society organisations, the citizens and the government as key actors in achieving participatory, inclusive and responsible democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Policy Report and Infographic
LORENZETTI'S BRUSH: More Governance, Less Government

This is a story of the effects of good and bad state governance...

In this paper, through a story of (non) implementation of the animal protection and welfare policy in the Sarajevo Canton, we illustrated the imperfections of governance in BiH – not only in Sarajevo, but also in Mostar, Zenica, Travnik and all other towns and systems that are in the state of collapse.

Report and infographics on Turkey - BiH Relations  
A Political Romance: Relations between Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina

This report is a study of relations between two countries, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), their specific 

political relations rooted in deep historical, cultural and religious ties, political flirtation, and economic trends that (un)follow this seemingly idyllic exchange. 

Policy Brief
Youth Unemployment: Do You Have an Attitude Issue?

Youth unemployment is an issue that is very high on the agenda worldwide. Even though it is not specific to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), it appears that young people in this country are faring the worst with 58% of youth unemployed. The predominant view holds that their predicament is exclusively due to the bad economic environment and lack of opportunities, but overlooks the factor of youth’s behaviour and attitude when entering the job market.

Policy Brief
Bosnia’s Alcoholic Daze: The Perspective of BiH’s Industrial Future

This is a story about the chemical industry in BiH that reveals the core problem behind decision making in BiH. It is delivered based on little or no information, often without the context and unfortunately with severe consequences for the industrial branches and entrepreneurs. 

Can Media Help BiH to Become Part of EU?
From Brazil to Brussels

The underlying purpose of this paper is to elaborate the role of the media in BiH in informing the public about the country’s relations with the EU, and the manner in which this is done. More importantly, Populari aimed to answer the question whether the media can be the key factor that could get the “EU snowball” rolling and break the deadlock that BiH is currently in. It has been proven numerous times that media in BiH can create euphoria. One would expect the same élan to be created for one of the very few goals that unite most of Bosnian citizens: the EU.

Much Needed Breakthrough on The Way to The EU
More Money than Sense in BiH?

This research shows that Bosnia still lacks capacities, knowledge, and skills for better exploitation of the available EU funds.

Food, Animal Welfare and Money
The Cost of Non-European BiH

In this paper, animal welfare is taken as an example we can all relate to and concerns us all in different ways. It is also one of the obstacles that can easily be solved to enhance the entire sector.

Is BiH Willing to Keep Hurting Its Economy?
An Affair of Animal Welfare

This policy paper examines the situation in BiH’s poultry sector, with a view to identifying the problems within the animal welfare sector and proposing solutions for the time BiH is able to export to be ready with animal welfare and not be caught off guard, as well as to encourage public debate about animal welfare and its implications for the economy, health and food safety.

Bosnia's Approach to Packaging Waste Management
BiH - A Chronic Special Case

The paper is a study of contemporary Bosnia, its proximity to the EU standards, standard of living and economic outlook through the story of packaging waste management.

The Real Face of Power Struggles in Bosnia
Rubbish Report

This policy brief examines problems inherent in post-war Bosnia, by looking at the rubbish that we all produce, toss, and forget about.

Bosnia's Place in the Balkan Regatta
The Race is On

After a year of research, compiling Croatia's accession experience and advice, Populari has published a policy paper geared at Bosnia's policy makers.

Sharing Croatia's Experience - Chapter 12
EU Accession Guidelines - Food Safety

This document addresses the basic principles of chapter 12 of the acquis communautaire - Food Safety. It serves as a contribution to understanding the complexities of the process BiH will face in its future path towards the EU. It contains a number of practical and useful examples for anyone in the public sector working within this process.

Sharing Croatia's Experience - Chapter 27
EU Accession Guidelines - Environment

This document addresses the basic principles of chapter 27 of the acquis communautaire - Environment. It serves as a contribution to understanding the complexities of the process Bosnia will face in its future path towards the EU. It contains a number of practical and useful examples for anyone in the public sector working within this process.

Bosnian “White Gold”, the Export of Cheese to European Market
The Cheese

Even in the works of the ancient Roman writers, the area of present day Bosnia and Herzegovina was mentioned in the context of production and processing of milk, in which cheese was one of the main products. However, if judging by the current strategic documents on all government levels in BiH, this tradition, alongside any potential benefits it might have in today's economy, seems to be forgotten.

Official Symbols of Social Groups and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Politics, People and Boxing Gloves

Official symbols often play an important role in the formation of identity. As this can frequently have meaningful political significance, Populari decided to gather and analyze the coat of arms of each Bosnian municipality. This country-wide perspective provided us with the opportunity to visually analyze the messages these symbols transmit, and determine if any trends emerged.

After All, BiH is Not so Exceptional
Similar Differences and Missing Mechanisms

After the 2010 general elections, both Belgium and Bosnia and Herzegovina continue to operate without governments. The countries are also similar in that both are federal states, both are composed of three regions, and both are made up of three communities. However, the lack of a government seems to affect BiH much more severely than it does Belgium due to a number of significant structural differences.

Policy Brief
The Bosnian Hiatus: A Story of Misinterpretations

This paper presents an overview of the different opinions that have been active in blocking the closure of the OHR. Additionally, it argues that Bosnia's politicians do not genuinely want the OHR to hand over its ownership of the processes in the country, and are in fact creating crises to prevent this from happening. Finally, the paper examines the EU's role in these processes and the implications of the EU27's inability to reach consensus on Bosnia.

Good Practices of EU Member States: Inspiration and Effort of BiH
How Can the EU's Lisbon Agenda Help Bosnia's Stabilisation and Association Process?

"What needs to be pointed out here is the significance of meeting the obligations arising from the SAA. Efficient implementation of these commitments and the continuation of reforms are required in order to make progress towards the next stages in the European integration process, particularly aiming towards candidate country status". - Osman Topčagic, BiH Directorate of European Integration.

Nevesinje - the Forgotten Land
Evidence Based Policy in Donor Activity

"The factory will have a capacity of 6 tons of herbs per day, but this scale of a project can only succeed if it becomes a regional centre. Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues that have not been thought through, such as how to enter the market and develop a brand!" - Dragan Brenjo, Technology Engineer in Food Safety Agency of BiH.

BiH's Challenge: the Development of a Single Market in Service
Supporting a Dynamic Business Service Sector in Bosnia

One of Bosnia's main challenges in acceding to the EU will be to develop its service and SME economy. The development of a single market in services has been a central element of the EU's internal market policy, and a vibrant service sector is seen as crucial to the proper functioning of the knowledge based economy.

How Responsive are Political Parties to First-Time Voters?
Discussion Paper: Is This Your First Time?

With the introduction of the passive voters' registration system in 2006, there are approximately 15% more names on BiH's list of voters. This increase includes first-time voters who have turned 18 since the last polls. To determine how responsive political parties are to new potential supporters, we called 15 Bosnian political party offices asking for information under the profile of a first-time voter.

Dual Citizenship Issue in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Discussion paper: TO BiH or NOT to BiH

This paper describes the background of events related to the dual citizenship issue in Bosnia and Herzegovina, discusses its effects, both domestically and internationally, and underlines its importance.

Hard Look at BiH’s Implementation of SAA and European Partnership
(No) Road to Europe

This report calls for a rethinking of Bosnian public policy. Currently, Bosnia has not adequately learned from its past successes and failures, nor has it put structures in place to fully benefit from European assistance. Through a case study on the transport sector, we discuss the value of European Union initiatives in BiH, the level of control Bosnia has over these processes, and the relevance of these policies to Bosnia's path to Europe.

Bosnia's EU Apathy
Lost in Translation

By signing the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the European Union in 2008, Bosnia and Herzegovina began the process of EU accession. The translation of EU legislation into the local language is the first step toward EU accession. However, just as BiH has always been a multi-ethnic society, it is also a multi-lingual country delaying the EU accession process.

How to Achieve the Same Standards of Human Rights Protection Mechanisms in Both Bosnia's Entities
Are We Ticking the Right Boxes? - The BiH Ombudsman Institutions Reform Saga

Following the appointment of the three State Ombudsman in December 2008, a team of Populari analysts have researched what this reform has led to. Considering the importance of human rights protection mechanisms in Bosnia, we believe that a reform of this scale serves as a good example for analyzing the overall picture of how reforms are implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Business Bus

This pilot project was supported by the British Embassy in BiH and implemented by EPIC and Populari.  Main goal of the project is to explore whether this kind of business mobile support, named "Business Bus",  could improve the approach of small businesses to small business support resources.


TV Documentary Project About the Balkans
Return to Europe

This ten-part documentary series is one of the most ambitious TV projects on South Eastern Europe produced in recent years. It gives people who have contributed to the region’s progress since the mid-1990s the opportunity to comment on their present situation: artists, lawyers, journalists, activists, mayors and football players tell their version of the story. With powerful images, these ten 52-minute episodes provide a new perspective on the present and possible future of the region.

Return, Energy and the Future of Republika Srpska
A Bosnian Fortress

Doboj, along the front lines of the war and now split into four parts, was once a hotbed of ethnic tension. However, twelve years after the war ended, it has become an example of multiethnic harmony. Nonetheless, development of the region has been limited by economic malaise. Still, there is hope yet for a future of prosperity for Doboj, and Bosnia as a whole, with the establishment of a regionally integrated energy industry.

How the International Protectorate Hurts the European Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Worst in Class

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been heavily criticized for the poor performance of its security sector. In this report, we argue that BiH actually has an impressive record in this regard, and that the major problems concerning security sector reform stem from the international community's double standards and the inflexible position of the OHR.